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#ReadingWednesday: Blog Post Ideas


  1. Fun facts about yourself.
  2. Fun facts about your books or characters.
  3. Character interviews.
  4. Character development.
  5. Where do you get your story inspiration from?
  6. What’s your ideal writing space?
  7. Travel bucket list.
  8. Writing bucket list.
  9. 5-year plan.
  10. 10-year plan.
  11. Favorite book covers.
  12. Tell the story behind your book cover.
  13. Favorite authors.
  14. Favorite books.
  15. Favorite bloggers.
  16. Favorite movies.
  17. Book, movie, or product reviews.
  18. Favorite music, songs, artists, decades, etc.
  19. Favorite recipes.
  20. Instructional cooking video.
  21. A day in your life.
  22. Hobbies outside writing.
  23. Writing tools and resources.
  24. A post about artwork.
  25. DIY ideas and crafts.
  26. Inside your home. Give a video tour!
  27. Home renovations.
  28. Special holiday posts (Christmas shopping, Thanksgiving Black Friday deals, What Easter means to you?, etc.).
  29. How to’s.
  30. Guest interviews.

Do you have your own blog post ideas? Share below! I’d love to add more to my list.

Until next time……………………………… Stay Creative!!

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