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Year of Reflection

I won’t lie… 2018 wasn’t the easiest year. There were a lot of ups and downs. Good days and bad days. Moments of laughter. Moments of tears. But I grew.

2018 opened my eyes to health concerns. High blood pressure. Pre-diabetes. Anxiety. Things my mind had difficulty accepting. Things that scared me.

2018 forced me to reevaluate some things. It made me take a deeper look at my life and where I was going. I’m still unsure of a lot of things, but I do know that changes were necessary. Changes are still necessary.

I’m on daily medication now. Growing up, I always said I never wanted to be dependent on medicine. But here I am. At 33 years old. Taking three different pills daily. And you know what? I’m okay with that because my health is important.

Having anxiety is the bigger issue for me. I was always the happy girl. The one that always had a smile. I’m working on getting that smile back, but it’s hard some days. It helps to be open about it. I think that’s important for people. We should all be aware of our mental health and be comfortable with being honest about it. There’s nothing wrong with having anxiety or depression. It’s something a lot of people have to face, something we have to cope with. Every single person in this world has a battle. Even though those battles differ, we can all fight together. We should be kind to one another, lift each other up, listen, and pray.

There have been other things outside of my health concerns this past year. Like having a lot on my plate. And still feeling like I have to make everyone happy. Let’s face it, that is NOT possible. It’s okay to try and make people happy. But we also need to focus on our own happiness. I need to focus on me.

As for having a lot on my plate… I feel like this is too common of a thing in our world. We don’t have time to just relax and breathe. To take in the world and community around us. We miss out on important time with family and friends.

For me, I have a full-time job. I’m also the secretary for an amazing book club, where we are constantly growing. I’m a writer, and am trying to finally get my first novel out. I actually have multiple WIPs, but limited time to make something happen. I also try to make time for my family, my friends, and church. Then, there’s also the house I became the owner of when my grandmother left this Earth. There’s a lot of work that’s been done, and a great deal more that needs to be done. And we mustn’t forget the normal duties of life… laundry, dishes, grocery shopping, doctor appointments, and so on and so forth.

The bottom line is this… Life was entirely too hectic in 2018. Too busy.

I want 2019 to be an even bigger year of growth. A year of better. More time with family, more time for traveling, more time for writing, and more time for me.

I want the same for everyone I am blessed to know. I want you to have a year of better. A year of positivity. A year for you.


11 thoughts on “Year of Reflection”

  1. I AGREEEEEEEE…. so I’d like to share something that I started 2 months ago and has made a profound difference in “my” life… there’s an ap for that (I crack myself up) but seriously it’s meditation and I’m using 10% happier, meditation for the fidgety skeptic. Use “any” ap and any style I promise you won’t regret it.Love you!

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    1. I adore & love you, Sheri!! It’s funny, I actually just downloaded a Zen Garden app on my phone. I need to see what else I can find! Music is also a big thing for me, and usually helps tremendously.


  2. Balance is tough to do because you are right we are all so busy. Each year seems more so than the last. I’m glad you are finding ways to take care of yourself that’s important. May 2019 be the year you find the time you need 🙂

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  3. ❤️️2019 has begun with challenges that can shape us and help us grow in a newly learned understanding of ourselves and those things that drive us. I too am undertaking a huge learning curve this year. I needed to understand that acceptance of my poor health didn’t equate to capitulation…taking much-needed rest doesn’t mean that we have given in or given up on ourselves. We’ll learn and we’ll grow in that learning, my friend. Your friends (and I include myself in that lucky group) Your friends will be here for you. We’ll share in your triumphs, we’ll smile at the good times and we’ll shed a tear with you if needs be. Be gentle with yourself, Mar. You’ve more than earned that right. xoxo

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