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A Serious Note…

Hello bloggers,

For several months now, I have felt led to write about something that has been on my mind and in my heart…

Lately, there has been so much sadness in the news. Things that are depressing and heartbreaking. Some days, I don’t even want to logon to social media because I fear what I may read next.

The hardest thing for me has been hearing about all of these people taking their own lives. It hurts me to my core. I hurt for the family and friends of those people. I hurt for those people that felt that was a necessary step to take.

I know we could never understand what they were going thru. We’ve never walked in their shoes. We don’t know how their lives were, what they were going thru, what was on their minds.

What I do know is this… Every life matters. Every single person in this world has a purpose. Now, I know there are some people that take actions we don’t approve of. We may even refer to them as bad people. But, they do have a purpose. Some people choose not to fulfill their purpose, or don’t even try to discover what it is. Nevertheless, we are all important. We all have voices that deserve to be heard.

If the only thing I accomplish in my life is to make others feel loved, then I feel like I have succeeded. Even at 33, I am unsure of my purpose in life, but there are days that I feel like I’m here to help others.

Some of you I know because you live in my town. Some of you I know only on a “virtual” level, but I still consider you dear friends. Some of you I don’t know very well at all, but I still value what you bring to my life, even if all you do is visit my site occasionally. Regardless of how we know each other, or how well we know each other, please know this… I am always willing to listen. And you do matter. Probably more than you know.

Until next time……………………… Stay positive, friends!

9 thoughts on “A Serious Note…”

  1. Thank you Marlena. This is an important subject to talk about. It is a dark, hopeless and painful place to be. We all need the purpose and reason in our lives, I agree.

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  2. 🌹Thank you, Mar! Suicide is a monster that lurks in the thoughts of those lost souls disconnected from hope. I’ve lost too many people to it, and the pain of wondering if I could have done more to either see it coming or prevent it lingers forever in my heart. Our world can be such a cruel place to exist. Sadly that existence can create a shattering loss of self-worth. If each of would simply ask “Are you okay?” and really listen closely to the answer, we may offer our support and that wonderful beginning of hope. This post and others like it NEED to be widely read. ❤️️


    1. Thank you so much, Soooz. I agree with you completely. So many people have been affected by suicide and it can be heartbreaking and debilitating even. I think it’s important to talk about it, just as it’s important to talk to people and, as you said, really listen.

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  3. What a lovely and touching post, Marlena. Thank you. You are a kind person. I’ve always known that. I think a big problem in this country (USA) is the lack of medical attention for those people suffering with mental illness. Depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and many other disorders are not taken seriously enough by insurance companies or medical corporations. It’s a big problem. These people feel hopeless without help and many feel that the only way to end the pain is to end their lives. I think the best way to help these people is to create awareness of the problem and call, email, or write letters to the medical board and insurance companies. Thanks again for writing on the subject of suicide and for your kind words. ❤ xo

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    1. What you’ve said, Vashti, are my thoughts exactly. Mental illness is real, whether people want to admit it or not. The more awareness we can shed, the better chance we have of really helping people. People that deserve help, people that often simply need a second chance. This subject is one that I have felt more and more led to speak on. I greatly appreciate you taking the time to read and share your thoughts. ❤

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