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#ReadingWednesday: Struggles as a #Writer


  1. Time. Time is a huge factor for me. I work a full-time job and have a second volunteer job for a virtual book club. Of course, I have my family and normal chores of keeping a house, but we’re also working on remodeling the house.
  2. Support. I have some amazing support from a few close friends and family members, but it’s definitely lacking. It can even be discouraging at times. A lot of people don’t view writing as a career. They see it as a hobby or even a farfetched dream. It’s not reality to them. That can be a major buzzkill. (Luckily, RRBC does provide its members with incredible support. That doesn’t go unnoticed. I’m just referring to support a little closer to home!)
  3. Inspiration. Sometimes, the inspiration simply isn’t there. I’m not one of those people that can sit down and force myself to write. That’s not me. It’s not my nature. I have to feel the inspiration, the creativity to make it really work. Otherwise, it just comes out poorly and not up to par.
  4. Confidence. In my opinion, confidence is such a huge factor in writing. In multiple ways. You’re putting yourself, your words, your creations into a book that people may or may not like. They may even hate it. You take a chance every time you publish a book. Plus, if you choose to have a book launch or a signing, anything that involves getting in front of the public, you need confidence to make it happen. And not just confidence in your book, but confidence in yourself. This is when support can really come in handy. Receiving encouragement from others can really boost your confidence and push you to succeed.

What are your struggles as a writer? How do you cope? Would love to hear from you!!

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