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“SPOTLIGHT” Author Blog Tour with @NonnieJules

Open Shut by NJ


“OPEN, SHUT” by Nonnie Jules

*  *  *

(This excerpt begins in the middle of a larger piece but I’m sharing this portion as it gives more clarity into future posts along the tour).

Mom had kept Lola’s room exactly as it was on that morning when she’d left home and never returned…seven years ago. We weren’t allowed to go into that room; only Mom could. I’d walked by on many occasions, only to hear her crying behind the closed door. I think being in that room made her feel closer to Lola, while at the same time, it made her sad. Today, I needed to feel close to Lola.  Mom would never know.

The room still held her scent. I’m not sure how after all these years. Maybe because Mom hadn’t changed anything and keeping the door shut and everybody out, kept the smell in.  I looked around…I needed something tangible of hers.

At the thought, it was like her diary jumped right into my hands. Fearing that I’d forget to return it before Mom noticed it gone, I took a seat on the floor, right in the center of Lola’s room, and opened it.

Reading someone else’s diary doesn’t count against you when they’re no longer here, right?

*  *  *

June 17, 2000

Dear Diary

I’ve been seeing her again. She comes to me in my dreams, but recently, I know I saw her while I was sitting at my desk. I still haven’t told Mom and Dad – being atheists, they’d be very upset to know that I believe in angels. I’m pretty sure that believing in angels definitely puts you at the front of the line as a believer in GOD, too. But I can’t dwell on that. I’m old enough now to exercise how I feel, and I should feel comfortable voicing my beliefs. But, I don’t. I wish my backbone would stick around longer than 40 seconds, but it never does…at least not when it comes to this topic. Maybe tomorrow will provide me with a little more strength to deal with this situation. ~ Lola

*  *  *

Nonnie Jules (2)


Nonnie Jules, Founder & President of the RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB (#RRBC), partner in 4WillsPublishing Author Services and wrangler of a very busy family, is often referred to as an enigma.  Nonnie prefers to take that label up a notch as she does with everything in her life.  “An enigma wrapped in a brain,” is the label that fits her best.  That brain is what keeps all the moving parts of the ever-fluid RRBC in constant motion.  Managing these successful entities along with her home life, keeps her busy from dawn until dusk…literally.

Nonnie has authored several books in various categories such as SELF-HELP, NOVELS, POETRY and SHORT STORY.  She refuses to be placed in a box as a writer of only one genre of literature.  She feels that she can skillfully cover it all.

One of her desires is to become a best-selling author – not because all of her family and friends purchases her books, but, because her books are so good, everyone can’t help but spread the word about them.

 *  *  *








43 thoughts on ““SPOTLIGHT” Author Blog Tour with @NonnieJules”

  1. Thank you for hosting, Marlena. I loved this book, and this is a perfect excerpt. Congratulations, Nonnie! You so deserve to stand in RRBC’s sunshine. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. This excerpt has a pervading sadness wrapped within it. I look forward to reading the book. Congratulations on this well-deserved place in the spotlight, Nonnie. Thanks so much for hosting Nonnie today, Mar

    Liked by 2 people

  3. A agree with Sooz. Usually I try to avoid reading things that make me sad, but I am so drawn into this story, probably because the narrator is so believable. Lovely. Thanks for hosting Miss Southern Belle.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Nonnie, I love the subject matter of this story. As child, after my grandmother passed, I remember thinking that I saw her, here or there. I honestly don’t know if I did or didn’t, but it was comforting to think she was around.
    Thank you for hosting, Marlena. 😃

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I know that two loved ones are with me. I feel them and “hear” their words of guidance. Raised by a non-believing father, and a times I also lacked the backbone. Thank you for hosting, Marlena and I am sorry I got here a little late.

    Liked by 1 person

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