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Where it all began

I grew up with an older sister. We had very different personalities, so I was often left to my own imagination. That’s probably where it all started. I always had a vivid imagination as a child, playing make believe and such. I had no problem entertaining myself. Especially with books. I loved reading, still do.

I can remember some of the first books I fell in love with–Goosebumps, Babysitter’s Club. It was easy to put myself in the story. It was an escape for me. Again, still is.

It was in 2nd grade, I suppose, when I truly discovered writing. My class had to write a story, and I chose to write about my mother. Now given, the writing was horrible and barely legible, but it was my first attempt at a “book.” I still have the book in all its gingerbread cutout glory. Out of my small country school, I was one of a few students selected to attend my state’s Young Author’s Conference.

I feel like that was a huge stepping stone for me. The moment that lead to the rest of my writing journey.

Since then and maybe even before, I’ve had a love of writing and telling stories. It’s something I’m passionate about, something I crave, something I live for. My ultimate goal is to share my writing and to make a difference. I feel like that’s my purpose.

I’ve had a lot of support along the way. My family, both by blood and by choice, have been nothing short of amazing, and I will be forever grateful for them. I wouldn’t be where I am today without their encouragement.

That’s my story, my beginning. What about you? Where did it all start for you, your love of writing?

8 thoughts on “Where it all began”

  1. It’s always a rich experience to pause and honor our journey. Reading of your inner travels brought back my childhood imaginings–of different lands and talking animals and so much more. It seems like I was always writing, just as I was always teaching (my younger six siblings). Thank you for the reflection. ♥

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    1. Oh those are lovely memories, Gwen. I would imagine you excelled at teaching your younger siblings! And, of course, you do at writing! ❤


  2. Great post, Marlena. How wonderful you still have your first book you made! And you got the experince of representing your area as a child writer, how cool. For me, I think being an only child and alone often, I was drawn into the world of books. I loved visiting distant land and magical places. Later I wanted to create my own worlds. I always love to hear the stories behind the writer.

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  3. What a beautiful story, Marlena! I fell in love with stories the minute I could decipher words. I devoured books throughout my entire life with no thought of ever being a writer. But, life’s circumstances pushed me into it and now I see no way to ever stop! Thank you for this post!

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