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Surprise to my friends…

Happy Friday! ❤

I have a major announcement. I have been working super hard these last few weeks on some projects and am thrilled to finally share with all of you.

As of today, I have published my first book. Now, before we get too crazy excited… It’s a very short thriller, only available for Kindle. This was one of those spur of the moment stories that I whipped up in no time, never having done a horror/thriller before. I know this must be a shock considering I’m such a horror nerd. Well, I had a few friends read it, and they seemed to enjoy it. The next step was an editor. This part was tricky for me. I have so many wonderful people in my life, some of which work in the book industry. I wanted to go outside that box. I wanted to find someone that I didn’t have history with, someone that I hoped would be completely transparent with me. I also wanted someone semi-local. I’m happy to say I did find someone, and she is lovely. She helped me with this story and made it much better.

After many months of debating, not being able to focus on my writing like I had hoped, I decided this story needed to be my first. It’s short and so perfect for my debut (being the horror nerd and all).

A huge thank you to everyone that has stood by me, that has pushed me, and that has helped me. I know this isn’t a novel, not a big read, but it’s mine. And I’m happy to finally share it.


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