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A Writer’s #Notebook

More recently there has been a lot of enthusiasm about a writer’s notebook. I think the idea is genius. After all, I have oodles of notebooks with story ideas and such, but this is a beautiful and organized approach.

So, I took the idea of a bullet journal and the idea of a writer’s notebook and combined the two. This allowed me to start a notebook from scratch, with the grid guide to help. Can I just say how amazing a dot grid journal is?? (If you’ve missed the excitement of a bullet journal, do yourself a favor, and look this baby up up Google or Pinterest. The articles and ideas are limitless!)

Here’s what in my notebook:

  • blog stats
  • hashtag chart
  • calendar/blogging schedule
  • blog post ideas
  • character name ideas
  • location name ideas
  • research notes
  • vocabulary assistance
  • appearance descriptions
  • writing prompt ideas
  • story idea bucket

In addition to the above list, I also have a few pages laid out for each WIP. These pages include quick facts, character list, outline, and some editing notes.

Do you have a writer’s notebook or journal? I would love to hear what you include. Feedback and comments are always appreciated! ❤

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