Monthly Review; an Unusual Review

Hello lovelies!!

I have good news and bad news. Let’s start with the bad… March was entirely too hectic for me to get much reading done, so I don’t have any book reviews to share. You can blame the good news for the busy schedule! I’ve been focusing on my wedding, which is this Saturday! So for obvious reasons, I’ve been a little busy.

Some may think this is crazy, but I wish my book family could join us. I’ve gotten so close to some of you and adore you; you’re like family to me! I wish you lived closer so you could join the celebration. But since that’s not really an option, most of you are quite a few miles away, I’ll share the details with you so you can still be a part.

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Let’s begin with the theme. Imagine a little boho, a little vintage, and a lot of pirate inspiration. We’re a boat-loving family after all! Now add in some rose gold, lavender, and sunflowers.

You’ll enter the beautiful country lodge, greeted by instrumental music-an interesting mix of Beethoven and movie scores, like from Pirates of the Caribbean.

The Welcome Table will be at the entranceway covered with all the important elements-kids’ bags, wedding favors (mini notebooks and suitcases), pictures of the bride and groom. You won’t find the traditional guestbook. We’ve chosen to create advice cards for the guests to fill out. They cover questions like anniversary ideas, favorite recipes, and favorite memories.

Moving into the main room, you’ll find the tables set, adorned with gold coins, candles, and wedding favors.

Next, let’s talk about the parties. Instead of the traditional bouquets, the ladies will be carrying (diy) floral lanterns, while the bride holds a floral ring. The men will be showcasing skull ties and boutonnieres.

The ceremony will be somewhat typical with our ring exchange and hand-written vows. We’ll also have a paint pouring unity service that will involve the little one. She’s an important part of this commitment too and will even be standing at my side during the ceremony.

After the declaration of husband and wife, the reception begins. For the grub, you’ll find an array of deli sliders, fruits, and veggies with lemonade, tea, and water for beverages. And the best part of the reception? We’ll have a pickle bar and a popcorn bar! There will be a variety of both for guests to enjoy. And we mustn’t forget the cakes! We’ll have a strawberry cake with cream cheese filling and buttercream icing. Plus, because Will loves cookie cakes, we’ll have our very own cookie cake tower.

Once everyone has danced to their heart’s content, the guests will send us away in a shower of lavender.

One other bit of news before I wrap things up. The Sunday following the wedding, we’ll be traveling to Alaska and staying for a whole week! This means I’ll be quiet across social media and such. BUT, we’re flying out from Alabama, so that means I’ll have a lot of time to read. Once a book nerd, always a book nerd. 😉

Thank you for joining me today. I’m truly grateful for all the friendships I’ve made along this journey so far. You’ve given me a comfortable *home* to share my crazy ramblings and adventures. ❤ On to the next!

21 thoughts on “Monthly Review; an Unusual Review”

  1. How lovely, Marlena. My heartfelt congratulations and best wishes to you both. I am so very happy for you. May God bless you both. 💝

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  2. I am thrilled for you, Marlena, and wish you a lifetime of happiness with your new partner! I too wish I could be there to see you glowing, but I’ll just send light and love your way and good wishes!! Enjoy your trip to Alaska! Take pictures!

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  3. It sounds like you have a beautiful day planned, Mar 🙂 I’m excited for you both and wish you all the happiness. What a wonderful honeymoon destination. Enjoy your moment! Xo

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  4. I think you have an awesome reason for not reading in March. Lol. Many many congrats on your wedding and marriage. I hope it was everything you dreamed of, and that your trip to Alaska was amazing. Huge congrats, Mar. ❤

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