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Book Update – #writingcommunity #readingcommunity

Hello friends & Happy Friday! ❤

It’s been awhile since I’ve promoted by own books in a blog post, so why not today? This may even help boost my motivation. 😉

The first book I published was The Intruder. I cannot explain the love I have for this super short story. Especially since a majority of my writing was more from the romance genre. I had a random idea, ran with it, had an incredible editor work her magic, and felt obliged to share it with the world. Of course, as short of a book as it is, I felt it could only be offered as an e-book. Regardless of anything else, it was the best feeling seeing my book available on Amazon.

Amazon Link
only 99 cents!

Blurb: Serenity lived a perfect life of solitude in a quiet little town, far away from everything she once knew. Even her career in graphic design allowed her the luxury of working from home. In a flash, everything changed. Her life was flipped upside down. All because of what her cell phone held. THE INTRUDER is a *very* quick, suspenseful read that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Next, we have Ella. This idea came when I was playing with some book cover designs. It just kind of flowed from there. It’s a sweet, small town story that happens to include my favorite holiday.

Amazon Link
available as e-book for $1.99 or paperback for $4.99

Blurb: Ella has hit rock bottom. The only thing on her mind is getting home, but her car breaks down five hours away from her destination. She finds herself stuck in the unfamiliar town of Paradise Falls. Instead of spending hours waiting on car repairs, Ella meets a local who invites her to help with the town’s Harvest Festival. Thanks to the kindness of a stranger, she’s able to find joy in her favorite time of the year. The few hours for car repairs quickly turn into an overnight visit, as Ella continues to enjoy the festivities. Her fondness of the town grows with each passing day, forcing Ella to make a difficult decision. Should she follow her heart or continue the plan she’s always had for her life?

This next book is for the fellow writer. Writing Prompts: to bring out your dark side. This was a fun project! Coming up with ideas and brainstorming. Lord knows my ideas never stop rolling anyway, so this was one way to get them out there. Now, other writers can be creative.

Amazon link
available as paperback for $8.99

Blurb: Beyond these pages, you’ll find more than 30 writing prompts to awaken your dark side. Fill the pages with your thoughts and ideas about all things horror. From unfamiliar roads and strange creatures to shared nightmares and bumps in the night. There’s a story hiding in us all. Allow your mind to run wild with abandonment.

This final listing is a combination of notebooks and planners that I’ve created. This goes back to my love of creating book covers. I guess I started a couple years ago but was tired of not actually using my creations. That’s when I discovered I could publish low-content books. Which is a great way to get my covers out there! Besides, who doesn’t enjoy a new notebook?

Instead of posting multiple links, here’s the main link to my Amazon page. Most of the notebooks range from $5.99 to $8.99.

Before I wrap things up, allow me to share a little of what’s in the pipeline.

The last year or so has been busy with home projects, wedding planning, traveling, and job changes. I’m hoping I can now concentrate more heavily on my writing. Because let me tell you, I have a ridiculous amount of ideas, and I’m ready to get them out there!

  • Because I have so many short story ideas, I’m highly considering publishing a multi-genre anthology.
  • I’m also working on a cookbook so I can let my inner-foodie shine.
  • Lastly, I have three WIP that are in the editing stages. One of those is a very rough draft. All are contemporary/clean romance.

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