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I’m excited to share a new release with you from a wonderful writer & friend, Joyce Schneider – aka J.A. Schneider. Joyce is one of the first authors that befriended me. Many years ago. I immediately fell in love with her writing and storytelling techniques. Her book, Embryo, was the first Medical Thriller I’d ever read, and she had me hooked from page one!

So today, I share her latest release with you. The Wife List. It’s been on pre-order for a bit, but today is its official release. Please help me in celebrating Joyce & her book.


Has a group of men conspired to murder each other’s wives – figuring their perfect alibis will save them? That is what Beth Kemp starts to suspect, but is she losing her mind? Her husband says he fears so…

I’ll give this marriage one more try, Beth Kemp thinks. She is a successful crime writer in New York City, who regrets that tension has crept into her relationship with her husband, Brad. He too is a writer who, after early success, finds his career fading.

Brad urges that a move to the country would make them happy again – and safe, especially Beth, to avoid the city’s stress that triggers her severe asthma attacks. Beth wavers, until her close friend is murdered and the friend’s husband has a perfect alibi. She finally accepts that the city with its surging crime has become too hard for her.

The Kemps move to beautiful Sheffield, Connecticut, so perfect it seems too good to be true. It is. When one new friend cries in fear about her husband, and another has a bruise under her eye, Brad tells Beth that she’s overimagining. But when she hears of another wife’s unsolved murder and yet another friend dies mysteriously, Beth suspects the husbands of covering for each other. Brad tells her she’s getting crazy, paranoid.

Then Beth stumbles onto the most devastating shock of all, one she never imagined…

About the Author:

Joyce Schneider is a former writer at Newsweek. She has studied at the Sorbonne, been an exchange student in the Soviet Union (where she plans to return never), and is the author of multiple suspense thrillers. She loves reading, movies, gardening, and lives with her family in Connecticut.

On Goodreads are details about Joyce’s getting arrested in the Soviet Union for “spreading anti-Soviet propaganda.” She was caught with friends laughing at their pea-green-colored drinking water. “That was the offense, four of us arrested. Let go after a day, guess they decided we weren’t worth an international incident.” Then weeks later she landed in a Soviet hospital because she fell down a ravine during a student hike in the Caucasus mountains near Sochi. Fun times, wouldn’t recommend. 🙂

Find her online!

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6 thoughts on “New Release from #Author @JoyceSchneider1”

  1. This kind of novel is right up my alley. (In fact, I have something similar in my idea file that I’ll now have to revise or scrap.)

    Her Soviet Union stories in her bio had me cracking up. I could easily see those things happening to me.

    All the best to Joyce. Thanks for hosting, Mar.

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