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New Book Reviews, April 2023

Sleighed: A Children's Christmas Tale by WJ Scott The Facts: Tinsel is the newest apprentice in Santa’s Workshop, but this young elf lands himself in strife on his first day! He’s sent to care for the reindeer and instead ends up on a magical adventure. Will the Toy-Inspector allow him back into the Workshop? A… Continue reading New Book Reviews, April 2023

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Two Book Reviews!

Swamp Ghosts by Marcia Meara The Facts: Marcia Meara, author of the popular Wake-Robin Ridge books, sets her second series in the sleepy little town of Riverbend, Florida, where the hungry creatures swimming in the dark waters of the St. Johns River aren’t nearly as dangerous as those walking along the quiet neighborhood streets.Wildlife photographer… Continue reading Two Book Reviews!

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Guest Post: Menagerie by @JoanHallWrites #shortstories #blogtour

Good morning bloggers! I have a wonderful treat for you today. A dear friend and writer is on a blog tour, promoting and celebrating the release of her new book, Menagerie. The post she is sharing with us today is a fantastic one! I'm so glad she chose my site to share it on because… Continue reading Guest Post: Menagerie by @JoanHallWrites #shortstories #blogtour


Menagerie – 13 Short Stories! #NewRelease @JoanHallWrites

Go on a blog tour with Author Joan Hall!! Shout out to her host, Jan Sikes! ❤

Writing and Music

It gives me great pleasure to host my friend and Story Empire colleague, Joan Hall, today! She has a brand-new collection of mystery, suspense, and contemporary short stories. But I’ll let her tell you about it.


Thanks so much for hosting me today, Jan, and for sharing your space to talk about my latest release, Menagerie. It’s a mixed-genre compilation of thirteen short stories. Each tour stop features a different story where I tell what inspired me to write it.

Like me, you’re a music lover. Summerwood is a contemporary fiction story where the male lead is a guitarist in a popular rock band.

Most of the time, I don’t have a title for a book or story until I’ve completed it. This wasn’t the case for Summerwood. I had a title before I knew the first line. It came about because of the name a housing development…

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