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End-of-Year Report

Hello friends! The end of 2022 proved to be much busier than I anticipated. I didn't get to cross all my T's and dot all my I's. But that's OK. My full-time job took up a large portion of my time and mental capacity. Between taking on more responsibilities and a building move, there was… Continue reading End-of-Year Report

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September 2022 – #bookrelease #indie #photography

Hello friends! Can you believe we're already nearing the end of September? This year continues to be a whirlwind! So tell me about you and how you're doing. Are we tackling those to-do lists? Are we making our moments and days count? Are we celebrating anything exciting? I, for one, am so thankful I've been… Continue reading September 2022 – #bookrelease #indie #photography

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August Update

Hello friends & welcome to a new month! Photo by Markus Winkler on I don't post as often as I'd like but thought I would share a quick update with you. Life has certainly been busy, but as an adult, it's kind of inevitable. Work, family, friends, daily chores, etc. Not to mention our… Continue reading August Update

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#WritingPrompt: Dinner Table – #writingcommunity #blogger

Hello friends! I saw this writing prompt sometime ago and think it’s a fun idea. If you could invite anyone to your dinner table, who would receive an invitation? Photo by fauxels on Of course, I could think of hundreds of names, but we’ll go with the first 10 that I think of. Past… Continue reading #WritingPrompt: Dinner Table – #writingcommunity #blogger