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rave2RAVE SOUP FOR THE WRITER’S SOUL Anthology, 3rd & 4th Ed.

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rave1RAVE SOUP FOR THE WRITER’S SOUL Anthology, 1st Ed.

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All she wanted was a fresh start.

Eight months ago, Scarlet made the choice to leave the prison she called home, and to escape the man that put her there. She had made a new home for herself in the small town of Belmont, Montana. The abandoned apartment was far from luxury, but she was better off, away from her past life.

She never expected to meet Lucas, the local hero and town’s only doctor. She didn’t expect to enjoy the small town life. She didn’t expect her past to catch up to her.

Will she risk it all? Risk revealing her secrets at a chance of love? Will she be forced back into the life she hated? Will she gain control of her own destiny?

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Annalise had always dreamed of leaving her small town life and making a difference in the world. After months of waiting, she finally gets the opportunity to play a background character in an upcoming movie. From the moment she arrives in Los Angeles, she is in for the trip of a lifetime. That is, until her face shows up on the cover of a gossip tabloid.

Annalise seems to be on a downhill spiral, and she’s quickly losing control. What could possibly happen next? What more could go wrong?

Find out in the upcoming release of A Momentary Glance, hitting the Amazon shelves soon.

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Momentary Glance & Turtle(2)

Her world was falling apart. Everything that could go wrong was happening to Ella. The only thing she wanted was to be home, but her usually reliable vehicle had other plans.

Five hours from home, Ella gets stuck in small town Spruce Pine. To her relief, she is saved by a local. Instead of waiting hours for her car to be fixed, she gets to help with the town’s approaching harvest festival. Despite all the bad in her life, Ella was able to find joy in her favorite time of the year, if only for a few hours.

The few hours turn into an unexpected overnight visit. Ella quickly falls in love with the town, and the town isn’t exactly anxious to see her leave.

Considering her run of unfortunate luck, Ella is forced to make a decision… follow her heart or follow her life plan.