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#ReadingWednesday: The Power Of Love, Excerpt

Chapter 1 Scarlet Montgomery was lost and alone, in a world where she felt forgotten. At thirty years old, she had no family, no friends, and barely a place to call home. Her hopes and dreams were no longer existent. It was months ago when she had chosen a life of solitude, when she had… Continue reading #ReadingWednesday: The Power Of Love, Excerpt

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#ReadingWednesday: Story Inspiration

Good morning, bloggers! Hope you are doing well today and that wherever you find yourself, you find a little inspiration. I’m a strong believer in the fact that inspiration can be anywhere. In places, in people, even in movies or books. All it takes is a single idea to get the spark flowing. I find… Continue reading #ReadingWednesday: Story Inspiration

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#ReadingWednesday: Blog Post Ideas

Fun facts about yourself. Fun facts about your books or characters. Character interviews. Character development. Where do you get your story inspiration from? What’s your ideal writing space? Travel bucket list. Writing bucket list. 5-year plan. 10-year plan. Favorite book covers. Tell the story behind your book cover. Favorite authors. Favorite books. Favorite bloggers. Favorite… Continue reading #ReadingWednesday: Blog Post Ideas