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#ReadingWednesday: Favorite Resources

Hi, bloggers! Today, I’m sharing my favorite resources as a writer. I know there are a ton of sites and programs out there, so please keep in mind that I’m a little limited since I’m just now *officially* starting out. What are your favorite resources? I’d love to hear about them! Feel free to share… Continue reading #ReadingWednesday: Favorite Resources

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The World Book Blog Tour

The World Book Blog Tour The World Book Blog Tour is about connecting authors and readers across the globe. Each author is invited by a friend who, in turn, invites more friends. It's truly a great and fun party!  🙂 Thanks to J.V. Carr for adding me to the tour through her blog! (Sorry it… Continue reading The World Book Blog Tour


There’s a first time for everything…

Hello, bloggers! I'm guessing you noticed the title of today's post: "There's a first time for everything..." Well, this will be my first time to put my writing, other than my blog postings and such, out for public viewing. Today, I am sharing with you the PROLOGUE of my WIP, A Momentary Glance. Only a… Continue reading There’s a first time for everything…