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Interview #23 with Luke Christodoulou

Good morning, bloggers!! Do I have a treat for you?!? We have a wonderful author visiting with us today--Luke Christodoulou. He is the writer of fast-paced thrillers, including  the Greek Island Mysteries Series: The Olympus Killer (Book 1). The title alone piques my interest!! So as always...sit back, relax and enjoy!!!     1) Have… Continue reading Interview #23 with Luke Christodoulou

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Interview #19 with Carrigan Richards

Good morning bloggers!! Welcome to another awesome interview. We have a very talented lady--Carrigan Richards--with us today. And you are in for a treat!!! She has some amazing writing skills and the reviews to back that up. So sit back, relax, and enjoy......   1) You’ve been writing for a long time. What were some… Continue reading Interview #19 with Carrigan Richards

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Interview #16 with Doug Simpson

Good morning, bloggers! Today's featured guest is a very talented writer --Doug Simpson. He is known for his works of history and religion and in his latest novel he has some surprises for you. He has received wonderful 5 Star Reviews for The Soul of Jesus (in such a short time, might I add), including… Continue reading Interview #16 with Doug Simpson

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Interview #15 with Christy Newton

Good evening, bloggers. I have a wonderful interview for you today. We have another talented author that has agreed to give us a second appearance--Christy Newton. Much to both our delights! We find out more about her writing inspiration and writing talents. So, as usual......Enjoy!   1)  Where do you find inspiration for new stories?… Continue reading Interview #15 with Christy Newton

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Interview #13 with W.M. Calloway

Good morning, lovelies! I would like to welcome back one of my favorite guests. W.M. Calloway is an amazing author. He has such a way with words! You'll get pulled into this interview, just like you will with his books! Today, he returns to share even more of his secrets to writing.  😉 So here's… Continue reading Interview #13 with W.M. Calloway