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New Book Reviews, April 2023

Sleighed: A Children's Christmas Tale by WJ Scott The Facts: Tinsel is the newest apprentice in Santa’s Workshop, but this young elf lands himself in strife on his first day! He’s sent to care for the reindeer and instead ends up on a magical adventure. Will the Toy-Inspector allow him back into the Workshop? A… Continue reading New Book Reviews, April 2023

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Guest Post: Menagerie by @JoanHallWrites #shortstories #blogtour

Good morning bloggers! I have a wonderful treat for you today. A dear friend and writer is on a blog tour, promoting and celebrating the release of her new book, Menagerie. The post she is sharing with us today is a fantastic one! I'm so glad she chose my site to share it on because… Continue reading Guest Post: Menagerie by @JoanHallWrites #shortstories #blogtour

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End-of-Year Report

Hello friends! The end of 2022 proved to be much busier than I anticipated. I didn't get to cross all my T's and dot all my I's. But that's OK. My full-time job took up a large portion of my time and mental capacity. Between taking on more responsibilities and a building move, there was… Continue reading End-of-Year Report

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Character Fun – The Power of Love

Hello friends! We are continuing the promotion of my recently released book, The Power of Love. Thank you to all of those that have joined us the last few weeks. So far, we've shared radio waves with the fellas of the Voice of Indie Podcast. We've traveled across the states for a blog tour. And… Continue reading Character Fun – The Power of Love

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#Reblog – Guest Post – Marlena Smith – The Power of Love #newbook

Fiction Favorites

I am delighted to welcome a long-time friend to Fiction Favorites. She writes under the pen name Marlena Smith. She is here today to tell us all about herself and give you some perspective on her new book, The Power of Love. So welcome, Marlena, and the post is yours.

Hello and welcome to Day 3 of my tour! I’m so glad you’ve joined us, and hope you’ll share your thoughts on today’s post. Also, please help me in thanking John for sharing his site with us!

Today, we’re having a little Q&A fun!

Q1:  How would you describe your ideal writing space?

I would love to have an office dedicated to my writing. An organized desk with the best writing utensils and my stack of notebooks and guides. Of course, ideal doesn’t always happen, so as long as I have either a notebook or a laptop, I can…

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