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Welcome back, Jane Liu!!

Hello, Bloggers!! I am pleased to welcome returning guest, Jane Liu, to the site today. Jane has an awesome YouTube Channel and has previously shared some great info on beauty products. (Check out those previous posts here and here.) Today, Jane is sharing a book review with us, and I can't wait to hear what… Continue reading Welcome back, Jane Liu!!


Review of The World’s Emergency Room by Michael VanRooyen

A must read, ladies & gents!! 🙂

Jennie Sherwin

The World’s Emergency Room: The Growing Threat to Doctors, Nurses, and Humanitarian Workers by Michael VanRooyen


A review by Jennie and Roger Sherwin

In 1945 when Allied troops liberated The Netherlands, an unlikely warrior accompanied them. American pediatrician Clement Smith flew into Amsterdam and then The Hague to study the effects of history’s first and only clearly delineated famine—in terms of its start and finish—on children born to Dutch women who were pregnant during the “Hongerwinter” of 1944. Following D-Day in May 1944, the exiled Dutch government called for a strike of the national railways to impede the German occupiers of The Netherlands, a call that was answered beginning in September 1944. The Germans retaliated by blocking all food transports into the western areas. Food, already scarce because most of the agricultural land had been destroyed during the war, began to run out. When the Germans finally relented, the severe…

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Weekly Review #40

Good morning, bloggers!! Welcome to another edition of my Weekly Review. #40!! Can you believe it? 🙂 So much going on! I've been working for my mom, reading, writing and enjoying every minute of my RRBC work. Things just don't seem to ever slow down, not that I'm complaining. We have a great deal going… Continue reading Weekly Review #40

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Weekly Review #32

Good morning, lovelies! It has been a long time since I've provided a weekly update. Next week, we should be back to normal routine. That's the plan at least! And you all know how that goes...   To start today off, allow me to give a quick review...I have had the pleasure of being introduced… Continue reading Weekly Review #32