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15 Tips for Writing Poetry — A Writer’s Path #reblog

Poetry is not something I’m good at writing, so I enjoy it vicariously through online friends like this amazing poem by Diana over at Myths of the Mirror or Andrew’s (at Andrew’s View of the Week) poem about the River. I’ve been following them for several years and always find their poetry startlingly personal, quick […]15… Continue reading 15 Tips for Writing Poetry — A Writer’s Path #reblog

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Where it all began

I grew up with an older sister. We had very different personalities, so I was often left to my own imagination. That’s probably where it all started. I always had a vivid imagination as a child, playing make believe and such. I had no problem entertaining myself. Especially with books. I loved reading, still do.… Continue reading Where it all began

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With Hands Clasped by Harriet Hodgson

With Hands Clasped: Thoughts of the Pandemic by Harriet Hodgson As COVID-19 spread across the land, Americans were directed to stay home. This news led to all sorts of questions. What will we do for entertainment? How will we teach the kids? Will we run out of food? As weeks passed, many Americans felt confined,… Continue reading With Hands Clasped by Harriet Hodgson

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Spotlight Author Duo – Breakfield & Burkey, @EnigmaSeries

Hello, bloggers! It's my pleasure to welcome the dynamic duo, Breakfield & Burkey! How we feel when other people talk about our writing Authors Breakfield and Burkey This is an interesting topic for discussion.  Having recently attended an authors’ workshop, we spent a lot of time giving and taking feedback. When you talk about writing… Continue reading Spotlight Author Duo – Breakfield & Burkey, @EnigmaSeries

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#ReadingWednesday: Favorite Blogs, Pt 1

Good morning, bloggers!! Today, I'm sharing with you some of my favorite blogs. Of course, there are so many more wonderfully entertaining and informative sites, but I can only type so much.  😉 I'll just have to post a Part 2 later on! I hope you'll help me in supporting these awesome peeps and their… Continue reading #ReadingWednesday: Favorite Blogs, Pt 1