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Good morning, bloggers! Sometimes, I have the most random thoughts go thru my head. (I like to think this is mostly due to my *writing brain*) This weekend, I had a revelation.​ At least, that's what I call it. Here's my rant to start the week off on the right foot.  😉 I've spent my… Continue reading Happiness…

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A Q&A with Baret Magarian

Hello, bloggers! Welcome to another beautiful day in Alabama!! Get to ready to be introduced to another fabulous author, Baret Magarian! I am so pleased to welcome Baret to my site today, and I know you'll feel the same way... Baret Magarian is an Anglo-Armenian author based in the cradle of the Renaissance—Florence, Italy. A former… Continue reading A Q&A with Baret Magarian

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Meet Author, Robert Parlante – #Plotting a Different Ending – @robertparlante

Hello, bloggers! Welcome to a fabulous day in the grand state of Alabama. Today, it is my pleasure to welcome Author, Robert Parlante. This creative mind takes us on a unique journey, where WE get to come up with the ending. And, as if today couldn't get any better, continue reading to find out how you… Continue reading Meet Author, Robert Parlante – #Plotting a Different Ending – @robertparlante