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Weekly Review #7

Good morning, bloggers! I'm sad to say I'm a day late in my weekly update. Its been a hectic few days, to say the least! This week I joined a book review website, which is kind of exciting. My reviews will be more publicly viewed now. I'll still share them on here, though. You'll find… Continue reading Weekly Review #7

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Weekly Review #5

Hello, bloggers! I hope everyone had another fabulous weekend. Mine has been quite productive. My whole week has, for that matter. For almost every project I am currently working on. The hubs and I attended the Deer Expo in Birmingham Saturday and we enjoyed it very much. Okay, so he enjoyed it a good bit… Continue reading Weekly Review #5


Weekly Review #4

Hello, bloggers! Happy Monday. I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend.   Let's jump right down to business. This week I'm reviewing two more books, sticking with the tradition I've started. My first book this past week was So Not Happening by Jennie B. Jones. This is from her Charmed Life Series. It’s… Continue reading Weekly Review #4