Merry Christmas!!

Hello, bloggers! Christmas is finally upon us and today, we celebrate the Eve of this glorious holiday. I hope the time leading up to this special day has been everything you could've hoped for. (If not, I'm sure there is a reason for it not living up to your standards. Don't fret! There's always good… Continue reading Merry Christmas!!

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Weekly Review #27

Good morning, lovely bloggers! It’s the week of Christmas! Still am in shock at how quickly the time has flown by. The last few days, weather wise, have NOT felt like Christmas. However, today is a different story. Its cold & dreary. Even though I know thats not exactly desirable weather, its the weather you… Continue reading Weekly Review #27


Special Edition: Christmas

Welcome to a Special Edition Post – Christmas.   My beliefs and traditions, as well as the basic info of what I know about Christmas, is centered on the Christianity aspect. Being raised in a church and later becoming a preacher’s daughter, that’s the only Christmas I know. { Bear in mind, there are different… Continue reading Special Edition: Christmas

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Weekly Review #26

Good afternoon, lovelies! Happy Monday to you all!Looking out the window, it appears to be a beautiful day here in the south. But it is an illusion; it’s quite cold! I’m assuming that same thing can be said for many of your homes. Nonetheless, it’s up to us to make it a wonderful day and… Continue reading Weekly Review #26