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A Q&A with @Ray_Britain – Author of ‘The Last Thread’

Hello, bloggers! Welcome to another beautiful day at Life As I Know It. I am so pleased to welcome Author Ray Britain to my site. We have the pleasure of enjoying a lovely and entertaining Q&A with this fabulous author... Tell us a bit about yourself, Ray. You were a detective I understand? Thank you, Marlena. Yes. I had… Continue reading A Q&A with @Ray_Britain – Author of ‘The Last Thread’

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Talking Swear Words… with @MikeScantlebury

Hello, bloggers! We are half-way thru the week! Who's excited?? Well, we have another fantastic guest for you today, Mike Scantlebury! And we are talking swear words!! And I love it!! You will, too...... WHY THIS AUTHOR WON'T USE SWEAR WORDS IN HIS NOVELS I write books. Novels. I've written lots of them. If you look… Continue reading Talking Swear Words… with @MikeScantlebury

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Meet Russell, #Author of #Gavin – @Russell_Writer

Hello, bloggers!! We are almost finished with another month in 2017. This year is flying by!! Crazy, right?!? Well, to help me finish the month off right, we have a fantastic guest Author, Russell! I am so excited to welcome this guest to the site today because he has a great post in store for my… Continue reading Meet Russell, #Author of #Gavin – @Russell_Writer

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Meet Bruce A. Borders…

Welcome to today's "SPOTLIGHT" AUTHOR post. We have the talented Bruce A. Borders! He'll talk about how he became a writer, how his thoughts get turned into a book, and much much more. We'll learn just enough about him to have no other choice than to cyber stalk him!  😉  So sit back and enjoy… Continue reading Meet Bruce A. Borders…

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Interview #1 with DB Corey

Good morning, bloggers! Welcome to my first author interview. Thanks to Author Alliance, I have been introduced to many wonderful authors. I have worked with some of the nicest people you could imagine. And I would say nothing less of today's author, DB Corey. He is such a pleasure to work with and talk with.… Continue reading Interview #1 with DB Corey