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Depression Soup by Jan Sikes

DEPRESSION SOUP by Jan Sikes She stood in a line her head bowed low There was nowhere to run, no place to go With clothes that were ragged And shoes that were worn There were millions just like her She wasn’t alone America’s Great Depression had stolen their homes Took its toll on their bodies… Continue reading Depression Soup by Jan Sikes

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I’m Not Ashamed…

Hello, bloggers! Today’s post is probably one of the most real posts I’ve ever shared with you. I feel it’s important to be honest, to let you know who I am, to share my own story. I’ve always had my share of stress. Most people do. A little over a year ago, I noticed a… Continue reading I’m Not Ashamed…

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It’s Ok Not to Be a Perfect Mother with @alinabarac

Hello, bloggers! I'm excited to welcome back the talented Alina Barac. This lady speaks for a lot of women, and I am always entertained/intrigued/inspired by what she has to say. Today, is no different. Enjoy what she has to offer... It's Ok Not to Be a Perfect Mother In our modern days society puts an… Continue reading It’s Ok Not to Be a Perfect Mother with @alinabarac

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Introducing #Author Jonathan Ford

Hello, bloggers! A happy and fabulous Wednesday to you all!! It is my honor, today, to introduce you to Jonathan Ford, Author of DEPRESSION, OIL TRADING & A MIND AT WAR WITH ITSELF. (If that title, alone, doesn't intrique you, today's post will!!) When Jonathan first contacted me about being featured here, I had no clue… Continue reading Introducing #Author Jonathan Ford