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Lessons Learned

Never take moments for granted. Cherish each one you’re blessed with. If you leave later than planned or get slowed down on the road, know there could be a reason behind it. I’ve had several situations where I somehow got delayed on my way to work just to find that I barely missed an accident.… Continue reading Lessons Learned

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#ReadingWednesday: Random Facts about My Upcoming Books

A Momentary Glance -This was the first big story idea that I had, and the ending actually came to me before anything else. I used the idea of the ending to create the rest. -I did a lot of research about the location, and loved every minute of it, even though I didn’t get to… Continue reading #ReadingWednesday: Random Facts about My Upcoming Books

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Get to know #Author Sarah Linx – @SarahCatsCats

Hello, bloggers! Welcome to another beautiful week, as we get closer and closer to all the wonderful holiday festivities. Today, I am so pleased to welcome this lovely lady to my site. She has been such a joy and an inspiration, in just the little time I've had the pleasure of getting to know her.… Continue reading Get to know #Author Sarah Linx – @SarahCatsCats

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Let’s talk #books, #travels, and #YouTube…

Hello, bloggers!! Although it's a rainy day here in Alabama, we can be thankful that the weekend is almost here, and I. Am. Thrilled. Why am I so excited? Because I will be leaving *tomorrow* for a much-needed vacay / family visit. We will soon be on the road to Arkansas for a few days,… Continue reading Let’s talk #books, #travels, and #YouTube…