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Author Marcha Fox – @startrailsiv

Hello, bloggers! I am pleased to welcome AUTHOR, Marcha Fox! Fun with Words If you've ever watched the popular TV show, "The Big Bang Theory", you have probably seen one of Sheldon and Amy's episodes of "Fun with Flags." Well, here's an author's variation on that I'll call "Fun with Words." I do have an… Continue reading Author Marcha Fox – @startrailsiv

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Paradise Creates a Writer, with Patrick Adams – @patadamsbooks

Hello, bloggers! I have a special treat for you today... We're talking paradise, travels, and writing today with Guest Patrick Adams. I'm so excited for you to hear about his inspiration. Maybe you can share a little of your own inspiration in the comments section.¬† ūüėČ The thought of being a writer had not seemed… Continue reading Paradise Creates a Writer, with Patrick Adams – @patadamsbooks

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A Q&A with Baret Magarian

Hello, bloggers! Welcome to another beautiful day in Alabama!! Get to ready to be introduced to another fabulous author,¬†Baret Magarian! I am so pleased to welcome Baret to my site today, and I know you'll feel the same way... Baret Magarian is an Anglo-Armenian author based in the cradle of the Renaissance‚ÄĒFlorence, Italy. A former… Continue reading A Q&A with Baret Magarian

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Author Natalie Ducey

Cheers to all! Today, I‚Äôd love to share another poem from The Heart‚Äôs Lullaby. In celebration of my ‚ÄúSpotlight‚ÄĚ tour, I‚Äôm delighted to say The Heart‚Äôs Lullaby¬†is currently available for .99 cents! * ¬†* ¬†* About Natalie With a BA in Psychology, Natalie has worked in the Counselling field for 15 years. Through her work… Continue reading Author Natalie Ducey