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Year of Reflection

I won’t lie… 2018 wasn’t the easiest year. There were a lot of ups and downs. Good days and bad days. Moments of laughter. Moments of tears. But I grew. 2018 opened my eyes to health concerns. High blood pressure. Pre-diabetes. Anxiety. Things my mind had difficulty accepting. Things that scared me. 2018 forced me… Continue reading Year of Reflection

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Meet Ellie Dias – Simplicity From a Suitcase – @elliedias1

Hello, bloggers! Today, I am so pleased to welcome Author, Ellie Dias! This lady has an awesome story to tell and I am thrilled to share it with you. We get a short Q&A, a glance at the author, and a glance at the book. Get ready to enjoy... 1. Why did you choose to… Continue reading Meet Ellie Dias – Simplicity From a Suitcase – @elliedias1

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A Q&A with #Author Harry Hoover – @harrywhoover

Hello, bloggers! It's Friday!! I hope you have the post fabulous of weekends! Now, let's get down to today's awesome guest... Author, Harry Hoover. We will be discussing Harry's third book, a self-help must read. And, we get to enjoy an inspiring Q&A. So, as always, please enjoy...... 1. What brought you to a career… Continue reading A Q&A with #Author Harry Hoover – @harrywhoover