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#Reblog: Baby Butterflies & Coffee – @alinabarac

What makes one laugh out loud? Scenes in a movie? A joke told in a certain way by a comedian? Today’s challenge is all abut feeling good and those LOL moments when we can’t stop laughing, tears are running down our faces, the belly hurts and we ask ourselves if we can get a six… Continue reading #Reblog: Baby Butterflies & Coffee – @alinabarac

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Meet Author, A.G. Billig – A True Inspiration

Hello, bloggers! I am pleased to welcome a fabulous author to my blog today, Author, A.G. Billig! This beautiful lady is a true inspiration and I couldn't be happier to feature her. She has a lot to say and every word deserves to be heard. So sit back and enjoy today's awesome guest post... WHEN… Continue reading Meet Author, A.G. Billig – A True Inspiration

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Meet JH Champine…

Good morning, bloggers!! I have a very special guest today, JH Champine. She has a new book out, Treadmill Tales: The Hilarious, Ridiculous, Sometimes Mind Boggling Things People Do While Working Out, filled with 50 entertainingly awesome stories that you will love. And, just for you, we have the pleasure of reading one of those… Continue reading Meet JH Champine…

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Weekly Review #40

Good morning, bloggers!! Welcome to another edition of my Weekly Review. #40!! Can you believe it? 🙂 So much going on! I've been working for my mom, reading, writing and enjoying every minute of my RRBC work. Things just don't seem to ever slow down, not that I'm complaining. We have a great deal going… Continue reading Weekly Review #40

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Weekly Review #34

Hello, lovelies!!! Another beautiful day here in Alabama. Makes me smile. I'm glad my work area is by the windows so I can let the sunshine pour in.  🙂 has been another awesome week. I would like to take a  moment to thank God for all the opportunities He has blessed me with. I… Continue reading Weekly Review #34