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Guest Post: Menagerie by @JoanHallWrites #shortstories #blogtour

Good morning bloggers! I have a wonderful treat for you today. A dear friend and writer is on a blog tour, promoting and celebrating the release of her new book, Menagerie. The post she is sharing with us today is a fantastic one! I'm so glad she chose my site to share it on because… Continue reading Guest Post: Menagerie by @JoanHallWrites #shortstories #blogtour

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End-of-Year Report

Hello friends! The end of 2022 proved to be much busier than I anticipated. I didn't get to cross all my T's and dot all my I's. But that's OK. My full-time job took up a large portion of my time and mental capacity. Between taking on more responsibilities and a building move, there was… Continue reading End-of-Year Report

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May Wrap-Up – Recent Book Releases

What better way to end the month than with book talk! I scoured Amazon, Twitter, newsletters and such to create a list of recently released books. Find the author, title, link, and blurb below. Side note, I can personally vouch for several of these authors, and they are fantastic writers!! ❤ Photo by Pixabay on… Continue reading May Wrap-Up – Recent Book Releases

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Antics with Auntie Peg, by Joy M Lilley (Part 1)

  Hello, Bloggers!! Happy Friday to you!! I am pleased to welcome another fabulous author to my site, Joy M Lilley. Today, Joy is sharing some delightful stories about her Auntie Peg, so get ready to be entertained!! You may even giggle a few times... When the time came for Auntie Peg, to go into… Continue reading Antics with Auntie Peg, by Joy M Lilley (Part 1)

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Introducing Eric Halpenny *Sort of*

Hello, Bloggers!! I'm so excited to have you join me today. I have quite a treat for you, and I know you'll enjoy it. Without further ado, let's welcome today's guest... So, funny story. Eric Halpenny, author of Thread and Other Stories was all set to put this post together, but he isn’t feeling well… Continue reading Introducing Eric Halpenny *Sort of*