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This Last Chance Blog Tour with @dlfinnauthor

Thank you for having me here today, Marlena, and sharing the release of This Last Chance 😊 Behind This Last Chance This Last Chance is set in a place I live near and have taken many vacations or day trips, Lake Tahoe. The town is fictional, along with where Amber worked, but the rest isn’t.… Continue reading This Last Chance Blog Tour with @dlfinnauthor

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The Authors behind the Paige Maddison Series – @bicematheson

Hello, bloggers! Happy Spring to you! I'm excited to welcome a new guest to my site today, Lee Bice-Matheson. BUT, there's an added treat for you. Not only has Lee authored books solo, but she also co-authors books with her son. Kind of an awesome writing team, I think.  🙂 Allow me to turn it… Continue reading The Authors behind the Paige Maddison Series – @bicematheson

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My Paranormal Life…

Feelings of being constantly watched. Noises and bumps through the night. Shimmers of a shadow across the hall. Many have experienced it. Most are too scared to let anyone else know. Not me. No, I’m here to share my story with you. The real story, the truth. For me, the cycle is never-ending. It never… Continue reading My Paranormal Life…

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Introducing #Author Fiona Glass – @F_Glass_Author

Good morning, bloggers! I am so happy to see you on this beautiful day! (Even if it's an unfortunate day outside, you can still greet the day with the most positive attitude! 😉  ) Today, I have a lovely guest for you to meet, Fiona Glass. If you enjoy spooky reads and things of the supernatural… Continue reading Introducing #Author Fiona Glass – @F_Glass_Author

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Welcome to the World of Suzanne Burke – @pursoot

Hello, bloggers! Welcome to another wonderful week! I hope your weekend was exactly what you planned on it being, whether that be busy or relaxing or somewhere in between.  🙂 Today, I have the pleasure of welcoming Author Suzanne Burke to my site. This lovely lady is quite versatile with her writing and I couldn't be… Continue reading Welcome to the World of Suzanne Burke – @pursoot