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Laurie Finkelstein – @lauriebethart

Introducing Laurie Finkelstein... BULLETPROOF VEST The bulk, padding, and steel plates weigh me down. The protection of a bulletproof vest is necessary. No matter the weather, I wear the cloak. The weight is a burden, but I trek on because wrapped is the only way to navigate my journey. The jacket protects my heart from… Continue reading Laurie Finkelstein – @lauriebethart

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Meet Author, Staci Troilo – Family

Hello, bloggers! I am thrilled to open my virtual doors to the lovely Staci Troilo. Today, we get a wonderful glimpse into this author's mind, her inspiration, her life. No doubt you'll enjoy what she has to say... What is Family? Hi, Marlena. Thanks for inviting me to visit with you and your readers today.… Continue reading Meet Author, Staci Troilo – Family

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Meet Jeff Haws – RWISA Blog Hop

Hello, bloggers!! Today begins an exciting *virtual* journey with this awesome organization called RWISA, a division of RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB. During this journey, we will be visiting nineteen blogs over the course of six days. Get ready cause we're gonna be busy!!! I hope you'll join us on this exciting blog hop, celebrating some… Continue reading Meet Jeff Haws – RWISA Blog Hop