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#FeatureFriday: Author @stephenBKing1

Hello, bloggers! Welcome to Feature Friday! It is my pleasure to welcome fellow Author, Stephen B King. Today, we are learning about Book 1 of his The Deadly Glimpses trilogy, Glimpse Memoir of a Serial Killer. Blurb: The end of 1999 not only brings the threat of the Y2K bug, but a series of horrific… Continue reading #FeatureFriday: Author @stephenBKing1

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Treat Reads Blog Hop – Day 1, @jhawker69

Greetings! Welcome to the 2nd RRBC “TREAT” Reads Blog Hop!  These members of RRBC have penned and published some really great reads and we’d like to honor and showcase their talent.  Oddly, all of the listed Winners are RWISA members!  Way to go RWISA! We ask that you pick up a copy of the title… Continue reading Treat Reads Blog Hop – Day 1, @jhawker69

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Meet Dyane Forde, @PurpleMorrow

Hello, bloggers! Here's hoping for an awesome week!! Today, I am thrilled to welcome Dyane Forde to the site. Dyane is the author of the Rise of the Papilion Trilogy, and today, we get a little insight into the creation. Enjoy... A Behind the Scenes Look at the Rise of the Papilion Trilogy “At last!… Continue reading Meet Dyane Forde, @PurpleMorrow

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WATCH “RWISA” WRITE Showcase Tour – @LauraLibricz

Introducing Laura Libricz… *  *  * DENTON'S DEBBY DOLLS The lunch bell rings and I set my brush aside, returning the unpainted porcelain Debby Doll head to the tray. A kettle whistles. Sarah runs to make the lunchtime tea. “Thirty minutes and that’s all!” Mr. Denton barks at her as he hurries towards his production… Continue reading WATCH “RWISA” WRITE Showcase Tour – @LauraLibricz

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Meet Author, Raven H. Price – God’s Plans (@Roaringpurr)

Hello, bloggers! We are closing in on the weekend, and I am SO glad!! Do you have big plans for the days ahead? Lots of items on your to-do list? Well, I'm right there with you!   🙂 Today, I am sharing my blog with Author, Raven H. Price.  This inspiring lady is going to share… Continue reading Meet Author, Raven H. Price – God’s Plans (@Roaringpurr)